Ken Williams, TX

When you introduced me to the MyoTool I did not realize the impact it would have on my chronic pain. As you know I have had over 27 surgeries, many of them on my back and neck. For over 15 years I have experienced severe muscle tightness, knots, and soreness in multiple spots around my spine and shoulders. Going to …

adminKen Williams, TX

Jenny McConnell, B.App.Sc.(Phty), Grad.Dip.Man.Ther, M.Biomed.Eng.

The MyoTool is an easy and affordable way to help patients self mobilise and stretch, particularly the difficult to access regions such as the spine where self segmental mobilisation is almost impossible. The versatility of the MyoTool allows an almost complete self management program for mobilising and stretching empowering patients to be less dependent on health care providers.

adminJenny McConnell, B.App.Sc.(Phty), Grad.Dip.Man.Ther, M.Biomed.Eng.